I Tried Jennifer Aniston’s Ab Workout, and Welp, RIP to My Core

Some people love to read the latest gossip about celebrities — who they’re supposedly dating and drama between them and their ex BFFs — but I prefer to read about their workouts, especially if they involve training the abdominals.

I asked Jennifer’s trainer Leyon Azubuike, AFAA-certified, founder of Gloveworx, for a Jennifer-approved ab workout and he did not disappoint. This workout is designed to help you improve your core strength and stability with rotational (rotational ball slams), antirotational (bird dog), and stability movements (planks), Leyon said.

Fifteen seconds into the first exercise, a forearm plank, my abs were shaking nonstop. Then I had active recovery with bird dog (one of my favorite moves, especially for back pain), followed by the powerful rotational ball slam. The reps were light, but after three rounds of the first circui,t my core was feeling it. The second circuit was similar to the first and incorporated the same movements patterns, just different exercises.

The best thing about this workout, in my opinion, is the variety of exercises. I enjoyed the combination of both slow and controlled and explosive movements. My final verdict: this is a great workout for strong abs that focuses on both power and control. If you’re ready to give Jennifer’s workout a shot, keep reading.

Before getting started, grab one dumbbell: five to 12 pounds is a good starting point. You’ll also need a soft medicine ball: six to 12 pounds is a good starting point. Feel free to adjust the weight as needed.

This workout is broken up into two circuits. Complete three rounds of circuit one, taking little to no rest in between each exercise and 45 to 60 seconds of rest in between each round. Once you’ve finished three rounds of circuit one, move on to circuit two. Take 45 to 60 seconds of rest in between each round.

Circuit 1:

  • Plank: 30 seconds to two minutes
  • Bird dog: 10 reps on each side
  • Rotational ball slam with lunge: eight reps on each side
  • Complete three rounds.

Circuit 2:

  • Side elbow plank: 15 seconds to one minute on each side
  • Renegade row: 10 reps on each side
  • Medicine ball rotational punch: eight reps on each side
  • Complete three rounds.


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