CrossFit Games Athlete 💯 Hard Fitness Workout Motivation

CrossFit Games Athletes Hard 💯 Female Fitness Workout Motivation @Gym_Lovers_2022

What is CrossFit workout?

CrossFit is a type of exercise with a variety of functional movements at a constantly very high intensity.All CrossFit Workout are based on functional motivations that reflect the best aspects of weightlifting, gymnastics, hand walking, rowing and more as described on CrossFit’s Official website.

Workout of the Day or WOD is a basic guide to daily CrossFit Workouts that you can adjust to your fitness level.The naming of some CrossFit WOD exercise is usually based on the based on the names of women of the names of military Heros.

WOD will always be updated on its movements and you can monitor it every day through the official CrossFit Website the following are some examples of WOD exercise that you can practice at home or in the gym .

Barbara’s Combines five sets of motivations, consisting of 20 + pull ups, 30 + push ups, 40 + set ups and squats respectively. you can rest at the end of each motivation for 3 minutes.

Angie’s Motivations. it combines accumulated motivations consisting of 100 + pull ups, 100 + push ups, 100 + set ups and 100 + squats during the entire workout

Murph’s Motivations.that is a Combination of running exercise with a time count of 1.5km then a motivation of 100 + pull ups, 200 + push ups, 300 + squats and ending with another 1.5 km run.

Jackie’s gesture, Combined Motivations of 1000 m row, 50 + thruster and 30 + pull ups (we recommend that you do without a brake between brakes each exercise)

Female and Male Bodybuilder.

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