Beating Chron’s Disease the Natural Way, with Coaches Nathaniel Gates & Mark Ennis

Nathaniel Gates is a Carnivore Bodybuilder and Contest Prep Coach hot after is natural pro card!
IG: ngates93

02:12 What is Chron’s Disease, and how does it affect the DIGESTIVE TRACK?
06:18 The important things to know about CHRON’S DISEASE and being aware of what triggers it.
10:19 How Nathaniel ELIMINATED his Chron’s symptoms NATURALLY.
14:38 Results of Nathaniel’s competitor after switching from a HIGH-CARB CONTEST PREP to a MEAT-BASED CONTEST PREP.
20:49 “Your body has the best DETOX SYSTEM in the world.” -Mark Ennis
23:09 What Nathaniel eats in a day and why.
27:54 How to GO INTO THE GYM “BALLS DEEP,” with a purpose!
34:04 TRAINING VOLUME: How much is enough? How much is TOO MUCH?
41:14 Differences in POSING REQUIREMENTS within NPC/IFBB vs. “smaller hardcore natural federations.”
45:55 How to maximize CABLES for optimal REAR DELTOID development.

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