Can’t Eat Enough Calories To Gain Muscle? (5 TIPS!)

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“Maingaining” is not the answer. If you have definite goals of wanting to build muscle and gain strength to a significant degree – and you’re currently within a low to moderate body fat percentage – then you need a calorie surplus to maximize your muscle gains. However, for some individuals with a smaller appetite and/or “faster metabolism” this isn’t always easy. I get questions fairly often from people saying that they’re “bulking but feel full all the time” and are looking for solutions. If you’re currently struggling to eat enough calories to gain muscle, make sure to watch today’s video through as I outline several simple muscle building diet tips to help you easily bump up your calorie intake without even necessarily needing to consume a higher volume of food. Employ just one or two of these and you shouldn’t have any issues hitting your calorie target for the day for consistent, ongoing muscle growth.

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