Dementia & NFL settlement: @GWSMHS Neuroscientist Available for Comment

The NFL Settlement and Football Players with Dementia

GW Neuroscientist and Former Pro Ball Player Available for Comment on this Issue as Well as other Topics Related to Black Men’s Brain Health

WASHINGTON (Jan. 31, 2024)–A Washington Post investigation has found that the NFL concussion settlement relies on a strict standard for a diagnosis of dementia–leaving many former NFL players without compensation or medical care. The Washington Post story was published just as the nation is gearing up for the Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers lining up against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Former NFL player and brain researcher Robert W. Turner II, assistant professor of clinical research and neurology at the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences is available to comment on this topic and other issues related to brain health. His lab studies brain injury among former NFL athletes.

Turner and other experts are joining the Alzheimer’s Association this year at the Black Men’s Brain Health Conference to be held Feb. 6-7 during Super Bowl week in Las Vegas. The event will feature topics that range from disparities in brain healthcare for Black men, cognitive aging and resilience as well as issues related to caregiving.

To schedule an interview with Robert Turner, please contact Kathy Fackelmann, [email protected]. Dr. Turner can discuss why black men have a higher risk for brain disorders, why they have trouble accessing treatment and topics related to traumatic brain injury for elite athletes as well others.


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