Outdoor Fitness Workouts to Build Muscle for Men

Go to https://BootCampFX.com and Claim your FREE muscle building PDF reports. In this video you’ll see the founder of Hard Times, Hard Bodies, Curtis Ludlow, performing 2 muscle building upper body workouts. TURN UP YOUR VOLUME 🙂

The first workout is an intense stair or stadium workout. The exercises shown can also be performed on a hill. These power building moves can and should only be attempted after a substantial strength base has been achieved.

None of the exercises in this video are for beginners.

The next workout consists of 2 upper body supersets / dropsets.

The first superset is on the dip bar.

The next superset is performed using kettlebells.

The idea of supersetting or drop setting in this context is to perform the most difficult exercise first and progressively deload or as you move along during each set.

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Fitness Workout for Men

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