Relief For Your Aching Back and Tight Hips Is Here in This 15-Minute Mobility Routine

So many of us focus on getting in our intense workouts, but we don’t always put enough attention and time in caring for the mobility of our joints and the flexibility of our muscles. Certified personal trainer Massy Arias shared this 15-minute, full-body recovery and mobility stretching routine to help, with a focus on relieving back pain and sore muscles, and improving your posture. It’s also great for those of us who sit all day (did someone say tight hips?!).

I love that she explains every movement in full detail, so you know how to perform them properly to maximize their benefits. You’ll do classic moves like Cat Cow, half-kneeling hip flexor stretch, and one of my personal faves, scorpion stretch.

Arias recommends starting with doing this routine two to three times a week, but said you can do work up to doing it every day to gain improvements in your range of motion and flexibility. “Remember, be gentle and ease into the movements,” she said in the caption. If you love this video and are itching for more, try this hip mobility routine from Arias.


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