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Hi there! I’m PJ, YouTube’s favourite trainer for women over 40 ?.

My approach on this channel is simple. Give you a workout, with options for where ever you are in your fitness journey, in a fun and inspiring way.

I don’t believe in fads and I don’t do quick fixes.

Neither work. I prefer my that community see lasting results, rather than quick results with a high degree of drop off.

The exercises, programs and tools I use (and recommend) are based on years of research, my own personal use, and what has worked for the thousands of women I have trained through the decades.

No gimmicks. No BS.

Trainer’s promise. ox

If this sounds like you, subscribe and join the fit & fearless over 40 ?community.

PS: our workouts are made possible by the support and contributions of our viewers.
For as little as $5 a month, you can help us stay on YouTube.

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