Dumbbell Workouts For Men – Weight Loss & Muscle Building

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#1 Convenience Factor (0:28)

First and foremost, dumbbell workouts can be a great choice over other routines because they are quick and easy. Whether it’s at home or the gym, all you really need is a pair of dumbbells.

#2 Easy on Your Joints (0:49)

Compared to barbell or machine exercises, dumbbell routines allow for a much more fluid and free motion for your joints. Because they’re not fixed, you can move through a much wider free range of motion that is more joint-friendly. In turn, this will also help strengthen your joints and keep them healthy and injury free.

#3 Total Body Strength (1:33)

Dumbbells are probably the best piece of equipment you can use to increase your total body strength. For one, they can be used for basically every exercise for each body part. And on top of that, because they are two free moving units, they often require additional muscle groups to stabilize during more focused exercises.

#4 Can Do While Traveling (1:55)

Going back to the convenience factor, one of the best things about dumbbell workouts is that you can do them while traveling. And this is great because it can be a challenge to stick to a workout routine while on the road if it requires ample equipment, but we don’t want to fall off track. So dumbbell workouts can really come in handy when trying to sneak in a quick and easy workout.

The Best Types of Dumbbell Workouts

#1 Weight Loss Metabolic Circuits (2:34)

This is a great weight loss routine where you’re doing a series of dumbbell workouts back-to-back without rest. By doing this, you’re not only building your strength, but you’re also boosting your metabolism from the high-intensity cardio circuit training.
– Detailed Walk-through (2:54)

#2 Total Body Strength Workout (4:01)

The second type of best dumbbell workout we recommend is a little more geared towards muscle building. While it can still be a great addition to a weight-loss routine, the focus here is doing the best muscle building exercises in a superset routine.
– Detailed Walk-through (4:38)

For a more in-depth tutorial on the best dumbbell total body strength workout, watch the full video here:

When Is The Best Time to Do These (6:18)

If you’re just starting out with these, we want to make sure that you are balancing exercise with recovery. A great place to start is 3 times per week on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday setup (or something similar).

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Fitness Workout for Men

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