Daily Harvest Has New Dairy-Free Ice Creams, and They Taste Like the Real Deal

I’m lactose intolerant but pretend like I’m not (much to the chagrin of my digestive system). Cheese plates? Yes, please. Pizza? Don’t mind if I do. Milkshakes? My favorite diner treat. The problem is that it wreaks havoc on my GI health, and aside from feeling crummy, large amounts of dairy isn’t great for my PCOS.

So lately I’ve taken a more proactive approach to cut out dairy as much as possible. Luckily, I can still enjoy ice cream this summer since Daily Harvest has released two new dairy-free ice creams called Scoops. The problem with a lot of dairy-free ice creams is that they are typically made with coconut and coconut cream, so coconut tends to be the dominant flavor. These Scoops, on the other hand, contain zero coconut ingredients and are instead made from organic cashews. What you get is the actual flavor of the ice cream, which are Pistachio + Toasty Buttery Hazelnut Crunch and Cold Brew + Roasted Espresso Bean Chip. They are also free of gums, fillers, additives, refined sugars, or carrageenans.

Scroll through to read how they taste, find out their nutrition info, and where you can find them. Summer can’t come fast enough!


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