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This “advanced posture” flow yoga class is perfect for you if you love vinyasa classes but want challenge poses sprinkled throughout. These postures are included as a part of the flow and are not necessarily built up to or taught step by step. So, I would recommend this class to you if you are comfortable with arm balances and inversions, or if you are ready to take your practice to a new level and spice up your yoga flow practice. Postures and variations of interest include binds, standing and arm balances and inversions. This yoga class is part one of two, (coming soon).

Some of the yoga postures included are:

Bhujapidasana (shoulder pressing pose)
Compass Pose
Astavakrasana (eight angle pose)
Standing straddle press to headstand
Eka Pada Koundinyasana II
Ardha Chandra Chapasana (sugar cane pose)
Bird of Paradise
Side plank with big toe bind
Crow/crow jump back

Have fun & let me know what you think in the comments!

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Yoga Instructor: Erin Sampson
Location: Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Venue: Casa Colorado

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