The Veggie That Turns Boys Into MEN (Eat More Now)

Men – Start eating more Garlic TODAY. The benefits of eating garlic for men are of incredibly high value for its low cost. Garlic is one of the top kitchen staples and is found in a wide variety of dishes. It has a strong distinct flavor that improves the taste of a delicacy as well as enhances its nutritional value. Men, in particular, would benefit greatly from this vegetable.


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In a nutshell:

Today I`m going to talk about the benefits of eating garlic for men in particular. For starters, garlic contains minerals and vitamins like magnesium, selenium, and vitamin C which are all essential factors to sexual health.

You may be wondering, “Does garlic`s sexual benefits include enhanced sexual drive?”

Garlic Benefits for Men
First off, there`s s-allyl cysteine, a compound found in garlic, which was then found to increase testosterone production in a recent mice study.
Also, it turned out that the antioxidants in garlic don`t just help prevent chronic diseases but may also help in improving sexual health and fertility.
Based on one review of 18 studies, it was concluded that garlic helped increase sperm production and testosterone levels, possibly due to its antioxidant properties.

The phytochemicals in garlic reduce oxidation effects on sperm and improve their quality.
Moreover, garlic has a lot of allicin and selenium, which both act as antioxidants.
The functions of allicin are to improve blood flow in the sexual organs and to prevent sperm damage.
The good thing about garlic is that it works in dealing with such a problem, too.

2. Garlic boosts sexual drive.
Garlic offers a ton of medicinal benefits but it`s also great for increasing your sexual drive.
The key player in this is allicin, a compound that boosts blood circulation to the sexual organs in both men and women.
Researchers discovered that garlic acts as an aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire in men by helping surge the blood flow to their sexual organs.

Instead, you must take a small amount of garlic every day for about a month before you can reap its remarkable benefits such as increased libido.
The main takeaway here is that, yes, garlic is beneficial in raising sexual drive.
In fact, research also suggests that eating garlic facilitates testosterone production

3. Garlic treats erectile dysfunction.
As previously mentioned, garlic aids in improved blood vessel function and increased blood circulation, which may be useful in treating issues such as erectile dysfunction in men.
As per research, eating garlic is good for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) for many reasons.

For starters, research suggests that garlic extracts stimulate the production of nitric dioxide in the body, a chemical compound that works as a vasodilator in the penis.
Thereby, garlic helps treat erectile dysfunction.
So in a roundabout way, garlic can help with erectile dysfunction.

4. Garlic enhances fertility.
This is where garlic cloves come in, acting as a medicinal herb to enhance male fertility.
Furthermore, as per research, garlic consumption enhances the testicular functions of the body.

Thanks to the selenium present in garlic, it aids in sperm production and by extension, enhances male fertility.
An animal study shows that eating garlic regularly increases the secretion of the testosterone hormone in the body.

Sexual benefits aside, garlic is also excellent at one thing that countless men strive to achieve these days, and that is to:

5. Garlic improves physical fitness
Moreover, garlic is good for overall health and a healthy body and heart are key to keeping you fit.

How To Use Garlic To Maximize Its Benefits
Men can eat 3 to 4 cloves of raw garlic daily.
For best results, eat garlic every day for 2 to 3 months to maximize its benefits.


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